[Cosford 109-509.C]

This view shows the Walter HWK 109-509.C as it was exhibited in 1989.

[Cosford 109-509.C]

This view shows the Walter HWK 109-509.C as it was exhibited in 2008.

This view shows the main part of the motor. The horizontally lying, silver unit just visible behind the aluminium pipes, towards the left, is the main fuel flow and pressure equalising unit. The larger diameter silver pipe nearest the camera, is the T-Stoff output pipe rising from the main T-Stoff pump. First, second and third stage T-Stoff propellant delivery pipes for the main combustion unit are shown near it.

Although the steam generator itself is hidden, the T-Stoff starting gravity tank is prominent, mounted vertically just above the rearmost part of the motor frame. Also plainly visible is the cruising combustion chamber, slung below the main combustion chamber.

[109-509.C Forward Part]

Viewed from the forward part of the motor looking aft, the fuel pump dominates the lower half of the motor. Of the propellant turbo-pump unit, the T-Stoff pump is the section to to the right with its bifurcated output. The largest diameter aluminium pipe to the right is the T-Stoff pump outlet, rising to the fuel flow-pressure regulator. The three, smaller diameter aluminium, closely grouped pipes carry T-Stoff, curving to the left, to pass down through to the combustion chamber.

On the left of the turbo-pump unit as we look at it, is the C-Stoff pump. Also shown are the corresponding C-Stoff pipes (each of a smaller, different diameter) all painted a darker colour, which curve right and down, to lead out through the centre of the main thrust tube to the combustion chamber.

Just Visible towards the left, inboard of the C-Stoff pump output pipe, is the largest diameter, curving steam pipe which delivers the steam to drive the turbine of the fuel pump.

Photographs © Shamus Reddin

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