[109-509.C Control Systems]

In this view the main elements of the main rocket motor are very clearly shown. At the bottom left, is the main turbo-pump unit. In the centre of the photograph is the modified turbine speed control unit. The top section controls the flow of T-Stoff to the main combustion chamber, and you can make out another section on the under surface which controls the flow of T-Stoff to the auxilliary chamber. To the right, just visible as a horizontal unit with two horizontal aluminium T-Stoff pipes emerging, is the secondary fuel-flow and pressure regulating unit for the auxilliary combustion chamber.

Due to the "double-circuit" propellant control systems for main and auxilliary combustion chambers, to the left of the centre is a vertical column of multiple control linkages which carry the simple movement of the pilot's throttle control through to the various elements of the engine control system.

[109-509.C Top]

In this view, looking down onto the top of the motor, is visible the control linkage between the C-Stoff fuel control valve at the right of the shot and the T-Stoff header tank and turbine speed control just out of view to the top left of the picture.

The looped black pipe at the top of the picture leads C-Stoff out to the combustion chamber for cooling, the return flow entering the fuel filter from the right.

The fuel flow control valve might be difficult to make out, but is lying horizontally below the C-Stoff filter. However, the three stage C-Stoff control valve is shown, with its multiple stage output.

[109-509.C Fuel Control System]

Here is the auxilliary "cruising" combustion chamber, slung below the main combustion chamber. This combustion chamber is a single-stage unit, without variable thrust - either not used, or operating on full thrust.

Running into the head of the combustion chamber are three aluminium T-Stoff pipes, and two smaller diameter lines. These are the combustion chamber pressure monitoring line, and a steam line to flush through the combustion chamber. This is used to purge the combustion space of residual liquids before the propellant flow for combustion is begun. Removing residual propellant prevents premature or uncontrolled decomposition which could result in an explosion.

The steel, black-painted line, is the C-Stoff outflow from the auxilliary control unit to the auxilliary combustion chamber's own cooling jacket. One thing to note, is that there is no return flow pipe. Not visible in this illustration, but there is a small loop which takes the cooling C-Stoff directly from the cooling space to the combustion head for controlled delivery to the combustion space. Sufficient cooling propellant is used to sustain the single-stage combustion thrust.

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